Prepositions of Time – At – In – On

Prepositions - at, in, on

The prepositions of time at - in - on allow you to discuss a specific time period such as a date, a day of the week, or the actual time an event takes place.

"We're going to the cinema on Monday night".
"These animals hibernate in Winter".
"The plane takes off at 19.05pm".

Let's have a look at when to use at, in and on.


  • clock times 
    Let’s meet at 20.00pm tonight.
  • time frames
    This place opens at 10.00am, every day.
  • holidays & festivals
    At Easter-time we eat a lot of chocolate.
  • night
    This place serves great food at night.
  • the beginning of / the end of
    At the beginning of/at the end of the meeting we were served coffee.
  • the weekend
    We’re going to the theatre at the weekend.


  • months
    I’m going on holiday to Oaxaca in May.
  • seasons
    His birthday fallsin Summer.
  • years
    The couple met in 1988.
  • centuries
    They became independent in the 19th century.
  • morning, afternoon & evening
    I only drink coffee in the morning.
  • longer periods
    In the future, I’d like to move to Europe


  • days of the week
    We go to the market on Friday each week.
  • specific dates
    My trip starts on the 14th of March.
  • special days 
    I’ll see you on New Year’s Day.

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