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Through the guided practises, Annie soon discovered that the technique used to teaching yoga is dissimilar to the approach of teaching English, but nevertheless a great combination. Little by little, Annie made way to a new path; developing her own program in which she teaches themed combination classes. Each session unites the aspects of a physical yoga practise, followed by an English conversation class.

ENGA now also has a membership site on which Annie teaches yogi(ni)s with an interest in the studies of yoga, and all non-native English yoga practitioners and teachers how to use English in their yoga practises. With a new theme every month, all types of yogic topics get highlighted. This is a perfect tool to develop your yogic understanding, get prepared for yoga teacher training, practise (or teach) yoga in English worldwide, and grow your following by sharing your new knowledge and skills.

ENGA treats topics such as:

The Body
Yoga per season

No need to worry about your experience or level of either yoga or English. All classes can be tailored to all levels and needs.

What to expect

Are you a yoga enthusiast, new to yoga, a non-native English yoga student, or yoga teacher? This platform might be for you.

Clear and simple instructions, easy to follow for all levels of English and yoga.
Themed classes, workshops and sequences to develop your overall understanding of yoga.
Live yoga classes, themed webinars, Q&A’s, and coaching.
Student portal to discuss doubts, share new insights, and stay in touch with your fellow yogi(ni)s.

ENGA Membership

With a new theme every month, we dive into all kinds of yogic topics. Perfect for all yogi(ni)s with an interest in the studies of yoga, and all non-native English yoga enthusiasts & teachers.

What do I get?

Every month we focus on a new topic. Think of ‘Intro to Yoga’, ‘The Yogic body’, ‘Ayurveda’, ‘The Chakras’, ‘The Yogic Diet‘, etc.

“Take for example ‘Intro to Yoga’. During that month, we will study all major topics that correspond to the basic principles of yoga. You will learn the basic asanas (postures), recognize beginner flows, get familiar with practical languageused during the instructions (alignment cues), learn about the eight limbs, and study the origin and history of yoga.” 

Every month includes:

  • 4 yoga flows (related to the monthly theme) 
  • asana break downs (related to the monthly theme)
  • 1 guided meditation (related to the monthly theme)
  • themed worksheets 
  • quizzes 
  • live Q&A with guest speakers
  • access to all previous yoga classes
  • access to the student portal
  • access to (English) language clarifications

How does it work?

Every 3rd of the month, you will receive a newsletter in which I welcome you to the new theme and will announce the date(s) of the Q&A (with guest speaker). From that day, you have access to the new worksheets, quizzes, guided meditation, and asana break downs for you to work on at your own speed. 

We practise yoga live every Wednesday, but in case you cannot make it, the videos are uploaded to the membership pages so you can practise whenever you like, or even multiple times. 

We are here for you! 

Questions, doubts, completely overwhelmed, you are free to get in touch whenever you need. Just send us an e-mail. 

Do not forget out student portal as well. Here you can ask your fellow yogis for help and support. All material on the membership is downloadable so you can use the platform on your laptop, phone, tablet, etc. even when you’re offline.

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