Worth Reading!

Worth Reading!

Most commonly, you will see the word ‘worth’ – used as a noun, adjective or fixed expression. We use it to evaluate the value of a thing, person or action. In each of these forms ‘worth’ does not change its structure, but it suggests a different meaning.

This book is worth €20. 
You can get €200 worth of books. 
The book had proved its worth. 
The book will last you a month’s worth.  
The book is worth reading.. 
It’s worth reading this book. 
The book is worth a try. 
This book is worth a great deal to me. 

Worth as a noun

worth + noun
time/period + worth of + noun

  • an amount of money something cost or can be sold for
    Her engagement ring was worth €30.000’.
    “He has bought €1000 worth of chocolate”.

  • the importance or usefulness
    “He has not proved his worth in this company”. 

  • a period or amount of time
    “My mum always buys a month’s worth of toilet paper”.

Worth as an adjective

verb to be + worth + verb-ing 
to be + worth
to be + worth + amount

a value in money or a value of a person

  • useful to have or do 
    “As we’ll have to leave early, I don’t think it’s worth going to the party tonight”.
    “Granada is worth visiting for its spectacular architecture”
    “Occasionally, it’s worth spending money on a fancy dinner”.
    “Top models are usually worth millions of pounds”.
    “This car is worth €10.000”.

Be worth it (adjective)

verb to be + worth + it

  • reasonable or good value – investment
    “It’s (well) worth it, if you think about what it’ll pay back in the future”
    “Spending money on a house to avoid paying rent for good is worth it”

Be worth something (adjective)

verb to be + worth + action/effort

  • important or interesting to receive
    “The matter is worth our attention”.
    “The coffee at that new place is (definitely) worth a try”.

be worth having/doing something (adj)

verb to be + worth + verb-ing

  • important or useful to have or do
    “To save money on a lawyer it’s worth sorting out the problem ourselves”
    “It’s worth reading a book when learning a language”.

worth it (adjective)

verb to be + worth + it

  • enjoyable or producing advantage to make effort, to risk, or stand pain
    “The climb up was worth the view from the top”.
    “You need to get over him, – he’s just not worth it”.

worthy of

Worthy of is (an old-fashioned) way used to explain an idea, thing, person or action deserves attention, effort or respect.

verb to be + worthy
verb to be + worthy of + noun

“She’s not worthy".
“These two issues are worthy of mention here".
“The lyrics are worthy of deep reflection".
She’s not worth it.
These two issues are worth mentioning here.
The lyrics are worth reflecting  upon.

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