Yoga Classes

Yoga means union. Union of body, mind and soul. Yoga means being present, observant and acceptant. Practising yoga entails constant development. Yoga is a lifestyle, rather than just a physical practise.

Straight after obtaining her yoga teaching certificate, Annie jumped on the chance to finally share her interest for the moving body and the mental awareness that comes with it.

Annie’s classes are inspired by the Hatha and Vinyasa schools of yoga. Hatha stands for “force” and suggest the application of physical techniques. Vinyasa flows coordinate the breath with the transition in movements between asanas (postures or positions). (This combination results in purification of the blood, which otherwise theoretically is heated and contaminated by the solely practise of asanas.)

Annie’s teaching approach is calm, personal, and aimed at the individual. Together you will be searching for that what works your body, with a focus on self-exploration. You will be carefully assisted through firm asanas, improving flexibility, strength and mobility, while exploring your body, mind and soul. This means; letting go of comparison to others, forcing yourself into positions (that you are not ready for) and stop ‘doing yoga’. Instead, you will learn how to be kind, and listen to your own body, and find what feels good for you.

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Yoga and English

Through the guided practises, Annie soon discovered that the technique used to teaching yoga is dissimilar to the approach of teaching English, but nevertheless a great combination. Little by little, Annie made way to a new path; developing her own program in which she teaches themed combination classes. Each session unites the aspects of a physical yoga practise, followed by an English conversation class.

During your combination class, you will among others become acquainted with;

The Body
Year in – Year out

No need to worry about your experience or level of either yoga or English. All classes can be tailored to all levels and needs.

Student Testimonials 

That's what they said...

"Attending Annie's yoga classes was such a joy. The vinyasa flows were the perfect mix of easy & challenging, tailored specifically for our self-love group. Our retreat only allowed for 4 days of yoga, but I could have used more! She's caring, interactive, knowledgable and even took the time to research and share alternative stretches for my injury. Her calming voice and great music taste are a definite plus, too."
Kelsey, Texas
"I was in Puerto Vallarta for a self-love retreat that included daily yoga lead by Annie. She did such a amazing job setting the tone for each day by integrating the theme of our lessons into the yoga practice. She did a great job helping the mind and body to become open and allow the messages to sink in through the movements! Her energy is soothing and encouraging giving you the confidence to try new things on the mat and reminding us that "our bodies are much more capable then our minds think" Her lessons were always a such a fantastic start to the day and I wish could have Annie back in America teaching!"
Katie, Texas