English Classes

With years of experience, Annie has had the change to develop her teaching skills in all aspects. She has taught and is familiar with teaching all levels from elementary, pre-intermediate (A1), intermediate (B1), high intermediate (B2), advanced (C1) and proficiency (C2), Cambridge exam preparation (PET, FCE, CAE, CPE), business English and general conversation, along with an introduction to British culture.

Annie qualified as an EFL teacher by completing the CELTA course at CES (Centre of English Studies) in Edinburgh. The CELTA qualification allowed her to enter the field of teaching EFL to learners internationally and the opportunity to help more and more people expand their horizons. The acronym stands for Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults and is validated by the Local Examination Union of the University of Cambridge, which establishes the guidelines and criteria for the centres that offer these courses. The entrance sessions during the course were devoted to methodology, language awareness, phonology and lesson preparation. The course also included opportunities to observe qualified teachers and teaching practices on various levels. Teaching practice classes were judged and observed by peers and qualified (DELTA) teachers.

Upon completion, Annie started working at CES in Edinburgh, Scotland. Teaching English quickly became her new passion. Although students came from all over the world, classes were generally dominated by Italian, Spanish, French and German speakers, aged between 12 and 80.

After a couple of years, Annie started teaching at BLS, a private language institute in Seville, Spain. Here she was given the opportunity to teach English for all end-goals, from young learners to proficiency, from the very basics to university level.

Private Classes

General English

Annie’s methodology totally depends on the individual, their goals and desires. During your first meeting, you will get to know Annie, discuss your aims and make a learning plan.You will be asked to complete a placement test to figure what you already know and find out what you can improve. This placement trial involves a speaking interview, writing and multiple choice test.

In the classes, you will be practising all skills; speaking, listening, reading and writing (receptive and productive skills), with a strong focus on pronunciation and phonology to gain fluency. Depending on the student’s objectives, you can be set homework that involves listening, writing, reading and grammar exercises. Every so many classes, she will test your progress, accuracy and fluency on earlier treated material.

Conversation Classes

Are you looking to gain fluency and accuracy, and reduce your accent? Annie also offers conversation classes. Conversation classes know a variety of approaches, but are always tailored to the student’s wishes.

Book a class or ask for more details.Annie likes to make use of themed classes, in which you are challenged to speak about the things you are not yet super familiar with. During your first meeting, you will get to know Annie, discuss your likes and dislikes, but most importantly that what you are wanting to improve.

These classes know a wide-range of options, think of themes as family and friends, food and cooking, technology, travelling and culture, and loads of more detailed topics. Each topic will be introduced with new and related vocabulary, phrasal verbs, idioms, expressions, etc. The end the class will always be followed up with a last pronunciation practise to ensure your development.

Cambridge Exams

 Cambridge Exam preparation classes are for those wishing to improve their PET, FCE, CAE, or CPE exam skills. All exams include 4 parts; reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Annie can help you getting prepared for each part individually, using exam strategies and especially designed exam preparation exercises. She will make you become acquainted with the exam format, and explain for each part what you are expected to display. These exams can be challenging, as a lot of it is more about understanding the exam, rather than your fluency in English. Next to that, she will make your preparation fun, using her methodology to learn impressive language you can use in your speaking and writing exam. 

Business English  

Business English classes are for those wishing to improve their English language skills for their professional career of studies.
Annie can help you getting prepared for a job interview, writing a CV and cover letter, become acquainted with business vocabulary, commonly used expressions and idioms within your field of expertise and formal writing. During the Business classes, you will speak as much as possible and are constantly challenged to achieve your highest capabilities.

No need to worry about your experience or level of English. All classes can be tailored to all levels and needs.


“ENGA teaches yogi(ni)s with an interest in the studies of yoga, and all non-native English yoga practitioners and teachers how to use English in their yoga practises. With a new theme every month, we study all types of yogic topics. Develop your yogic understanding, get prepared for yoga teacher training, practise (or teach) yoga in English worldwide, and grow your following by sharing your new knowledge and skills.”

Founded and created by Annie.

Through the guided practises, Annie soon discovered that the technique used to teaching yoga is dissimilar to the approach of teaching English, but nevertheless a great combination. Little by little, Annie made way to a new path; developing her own program in which she teaches themed combination classes. Each session unites the aspects of a physical yoga practise, followed by an English conversation class.

Enga took ‘En’ from English and ‘ga’ from yoga

Through our online resources and events, Enga helps you improve your use of English in your yoga classes and conversations so that you can increase the quality of your teaching and grow internationally.

Enga offers educational materials and teaching experience to help you:

  • learn and practice the teaching techniques you didn’t get in your yoga teaching training
  • build up accessible vocabulary you need to teach effectively
  • write and theme your classes so that you can memorise your scripts and sequences with ease

All our learning materials help you deepen your knowledge of the language of yoga in English, cueing, instructions and more. The self-paced materials are designed for you to improve your teaching skills in your own time.

Our live practices, (private) yoga and English conversation classes, yoga teaching workshops and courses will help you develop your skills through real life practice in groups or with 1:1 assistance. 

Student Testimonials 

That's what they said...

I would definitely recommend Annie as a teacher, she’s amazing. She’s very professional and has great social qualities. Before Annie, I tried many different teachers and never achieved such good results. She keeps students motivated and creates an excellent learning environment during the very entertaining and dynamic classes. Throughout the classes, only English is spoken. I can only recommend Annie to anyone who wants to improve quickly and permanently. With her you’ll have fun and enjoy learning English. Thank you very much for your support, help and infinite patience.
Fernando (28)
He estado dando clases con Annie este verano y solo puedo decir cosas buenas de ella, es puntual y organizada, se prepara la clase en función de tu nivel y necesidades, con ejercicios y gramática que te explica de una manera muy amena y sencilla, haciendo que al terminar las clases sientas que realmente has aprendido y esperes con impaciencia la siguiente clase, por todo eso la recomiendo 100%!
Natalia (28)
Annie me ha gustado mucho como profesora tanto para mis hijos como para mi. Se ha adaptado a lo que buscaba y sus clases han sido muy amenas y divertidas!!! Realmente pienso repetir con ella en el futuro !!!
Concha (42)
Recomiendo 100% a Annie! Una profesora muy profesional, se prepara bien las clases y te lo explica todo fenomenal, además es majisima! Principalmente hice con ella clases de speaking y me han servido mucho, seguro que repito con ella en cuanto pueda! Annie makes English a piece of cake for anyone kisses!!
Patricia (26)
Annie es una de los pocas personas que conozco que veas que siente una gran dedicación y sobre todo compromiso el cual pone a cada una de sus clases. Annie es una profesora espectacular, se esfuerza al máximo para que consigas excelentes resultados. Con ella las clases pasan volando. Clases dinámicas, interactivas y lúdicas. En pocas semanas notarás una gran mejora en tu nivel de inglés. Si buscas profe de inglés, Annie es la mejor.
Maria (17)
Me encanta Annie! Hace que las clases sean divertidas y a la vez aprendas mucho. Me ayudó a conseguir mi objetivo y mejorar mi inglés. Es una chica muy simpática. Las clases pasan volando! Aconsejable 100%
Sagri (32)
Annie ha sido mi profesora de Inglés conversacional vía Skype por ya casi 5 meses, al principio estaba yo algo escéptico sobre tener clases a través de una videollamada, pensé que sería algo aburrido estar frente a la computadora, pero Annie hace que cada minuto sea realmente increíble. Después de este tiempo he conseguido confianza al hablar y ahora puedo comunicarme bastante bien. Ella además de inglés, también habla español (y algunos otros idiomas más), por lo que conoce las posibles complicaciones que un hispanohablante puede encontrar al querer aprender inglés. No dudes en intentarlo, te llevarás una muy linda sorpresa.
Alfredo (34)
Annie es una profesora organizada, dinámica y divertida que siempre pone en primer lugar las necesidades lingüísticas de sus alumnos. Como es políglota, tiene una clara pasión por los idiomas. Sus numerosos viajes alrededor del mundo la han llevado a desarrollar fuertes habilidades sociales que utiliza para fomentar relaciones genuinas en el aula. Como resultado de su personalidad burbujeante y de su gran sentido de la empatía, sus alumnos van desde niños hasta adolescentes y adultos. Enseñar junto a Annie en un instituto de idiomas en Edimburgo, Escocia, me permitió admirar la forma en que incorpora el trabajo en grupo, la perforación coral y los juegos centrados en los estudiantes que son ricos en vocabulario. Da prioridad al progreso de los estudiantes y se asegura de hacer todo lo posible para que sus alumnos se sientan cómodos. ¡Annie prospera en la profesión docente y definitivamente la considero una Superprof!
Ana (29)
Croatia - Slovakia
Annie es una profesora fantástica. Solo llevo varias clases con ella y he mejorado muchísimo mi nivel de inglés, especialmente el inglés de negocios. Es una gran profesional con unas dotes de motivación excelentes y que se adapta perfectamente a las necesidades del alumno. Sus clases son amenas y divertidas sin perder de vista tus objetivos. Annie es una profesora maravillosa. La recomiendo 100%.
Daniel (37)