EFL – Teacher | Author and Translator | Yoga Instructor.

Busy bee, not a workhorse. Enthusiastic traveller with a curious mind, passion for languages and cultures, and everlasting craving for exploration. 

Inspire | Create |   Evolve

Upon graduation in music composition and vocals, Annie’s wondering mind took her wandering the world and made her realise how many of us are depending on a common language to communicate. She made a quick shift and became a certified EFL (English as a Foreign Language) Teacher to help more and more learners broaden their horizons. 

The same way, Annie rolled into the field of translation. Being fluent in Dutch and given her native level of English, she finds true fulfilment in assisting those in need of translations for general and commercial end-goals, as well as web content. 

Annie’s fascination for discovery has taken her to various places, spread over all continents. It has given her a great sense of cultural differences, as well as the diverse language-use. 

While living abroad, in among others, Spain, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia and Aruba, she learned how to interact and communicate with all world-citizens, adapt to each country’s lifestyle and respect their regimes, and religions. 

These experiences have and still help her to understand her student’s needs; recognize their learning difficulties, appreciate their thinking process and acknowledge each, individual’s studying style. 

For translation jobs this means she easily emphasises with all that is written/written communication. Having lived in the Netherlands, as well as in many English-speaking countries, Annie is accustomed to and familiar with not only dialects, but also native expressions, jargon, terminology, vocabulary and wording. 

During her travels in 2018, Annie fulfilled one of her long wishes; becoming a certified yoga instructor. Recognizing the positive effect this beautiful practise had and has on herself, made her want to contribute to those out there wanting to develop a “present” lifestyle. 

Nowadays, Annie also unites her skills in one package; offering themed combination classes of English and yoga. Per her CELTA certificate and Yoga Alliance recognition, she hopes to be of help to anyone interested in learning English as their second language, while gaining mental and physical stability.