New Year’s resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

During the weeks before New Year’s a lot of people reflect on the past and start to think of what they would like to do differently in the year coming up. We set new goals and make decisions to improve or change our lifestyle and behaviour. These new intentions we call New Year's resolutions. Think of changing your diet, exercise routines, attitude towards life, job alterations, moving to a new place, etc.

In 2020, I’m going to eat less meat and more vegetables.
In January, I’ll move to a Spanish speaking country.
Throughout the year, I won’t go to bed so late anymore.
This year, I hope to find my purpose.

What are your New Year's resolutions? Do you make them?


  • Going to – not going to
    Going to used to talk about plans and intentions for the future. Going to is used when you’re very sure something is achievable.
    In spoken situations and informal writing, you can use ‘gonna’ instead of ‘going to’.

    In 2020, I’m going to eat less meat and more vegetables.
    Next year, I’m not going to skip the gym.

Will – will not (won’t)

  • Will or will not (won’t) is used to talk about promises and ideas for the future. Will to is used when you intend to do something, but you’re not sure yet, if it’s actually happening.
    Will not conjugated becomes won’t.

    In January, I’ll take on English classes and move to a English speaking country.
    Throughout the year, I won’t go to bed so late anymore

Planning to

  • We can use ‘planning to’ when you are almost definitely sure you are going to do something – often things that you have already scheduled or made some preparations for.

    In Spring, my contract ends and I’m planning to find a more challenging job.             
    At the end of the year, I’m planning to visit my family in the United States.

Hope to – would like to

  • We can use ‘hope to’ for things that you want or desire to do (but are not definite).

    This year, I hope to find my purpose. 
    In June, I hope to get a pay rise. 
    In December, I’d like to move to a warmer country.
    During this year, I’d like to find a way to get more organized.

Might, may – thinking of/about

  • Might and may are similar to ‘maybe’. We use might and may for things you are considering, but you’re not sure if you will do it or not. I
    After thinking of / about, use verb+ING

    In February, I might search for a new place to live.
    If I move, I may need some new furniture.I’m thinking of/about taking up dance classes.

Extra tips:

  • Use adverbs: what would you like to do better, more carefully, faster, slower, healthier, etc.? 

    I’m going to eat my meals slower and chew better.

    Use gerunds and infinitives:
    Gerund: verb+ing
    Infinitive: to + verb

    I’m going to start cooking at home more often.
    I’m going to stop buying animal products. 

Questions, doubts, still unclear?

New Year's resolutions

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